eye exams

eye exams

eye exams

On your first office visit we recommend you to bring the following:

  • Eyeglasses and/or contact lenses

  • List of current medications

  • Sunglasses for afterwards

  • Previous records or prescriptions

  • Most current insurance cards

Makar Eyecare takes pride in providing every patient a thorough eye health and vision examination. Preliminary tests will evaluate your pupils, intraocular eye pressures, visual fields, eye muscles, color vision, stereopsis or depth perception, binocularity, curvature of the cornea, and the power of your eye.

exam preparation

Your doctor will test your natural vision and determine your best-corrected visual acuity at near and far distances. Our providers take time to ask the proper questions required to ensure an accurate spectacle and contact lens prescription.

Your doctor will usually recommend having your pupils dilated during your examination. If so, dilation eye drops may be placed in your eyes to temporarily enlarge your pupils. The purpose of dilation is to get a clear view of the optic nerve and retina in the back of your eye. This aids in the early detection and treatment of eye diseases that can destroy your vision, such as cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and macular degeneration.

what to expect.

If your pupils are dilated, your vision may be blurred for a short time. You will be sensitive to bright light for a few hours, however, we will gladly give you a pair of disposable sunglasses for your comfort and convenience when you leave. Most people feel comfortable driving after dilation, however, If you are uncomfortable driving, we do advise you to bring someone along who can drive you home.

Next, we will examine the physical structures of your eyes with specialized instruments. The surface of your eye, as well as the inner eye structures, can tell the doctors a lot about your overall health. Patients with diabetes, high blood pressure, and other vascular diseases can suffer visual abnormalities due to changes in the retina. By the help of our OptoMapPlus high-density retinal image scanner we can educate and monitor changes and each doctor makes sure that all structures inside the eye are healthy.

​​​​​​​additional care.

We may find the need for additional tests to confirm or rule out a possible problem. If a problem is found, we will explain the nature of the condition and treatment options. In closing, each patient is given a copy of their results, prescriptions for eyewear, preventive care consultation, and recommendation for follow-up appointments.

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